Emergency Response and Remedial Actions

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Emergency Response

In practice of the BSA experts, we see a growing trend in performing various forms of “attack” on entrepreneurs.

In addition to the above, a very common and characteristic, and at the same dangerous form of attack on the company with far-reaching consequences, is the desire of causing damage to the reputation (brand) of the company with attempts to commit the offense to the detriment of our Client:


  1. “finding” by Consumers insects, parasites, etc.  in packaging or inside food products of our Customers,
  2. “finding” in the products of our Customers harmful substances, eg. acid or pathogenic bacteria in a bottle of water, finding hazardous components (glass, metal) in food products,
  3. assigning products of our Customers to false defects or features that prevent the use of these products or that may endanger the damage to health,
  4. provoking health effects through the bad use of the products of our Customers, although they have all the required certificates, eg. applying a cream to the skin of the face subcutaneously, causing burns and skin allergies allegedly caused by the use of the product, etc.

As follows from the experience of the BSA experts the above mentioned events aim at:

  1. extorting indemnity or compensation or gratification  from Customer in the form of
    a certain quantity of products of our Customers
  2. evoking negative influence on the perception of the Customer brand often caused by activities in conditions of unfair competition,
  3. causing negative effects by removing a particular batch of goods  of the Customer from circulation,
  4. revenge of unspecified background,
  5. act of unfair competition for any other purpose,
  6. less often – extortion of the ransom.

The effects of these actions are often very painful for our Customers, sometimes consequences are disastrous for the company.

Often noted forms of such behavior (frequently having a criminal nature) can take the following picture:

  • Committing the crime to the detriment of the company with a significant impact on the liquidity of the company.
  • Worker's anomie causing financial and image losses, as well as the consequences in the area of HR.
  • Bullying at work affecting the company image and negative reactions in the area of HR.
  • Fortuitous events with the participation of key persons in organization (accidents, unplanned long interruptions in business trips, failure to appear at work).
  • Fortuitous events within the company that affect the functioning of the organization, including the image of the company and future claims for damages (accidents at work, damage to property, eg. fires, natural disasters, or interruptions in the supply of media etc.)

According to the BSA, the implementation of security policy in the organization after making an audit of security status to identify areas of risks for the customer is the appropriate preventive behavior.

Simultaneously, in the case of events of which we write above, the BSA is able to take appropriate steps in the emergency response.

The aim of the activities carried out, eg. within the economic investigation or detective business intelligence (active link) is an indication whether the company has fallen victim of criminal or unethical activities. If so, we point out the motives and modus operandi of perpetrators and collect evidence for future proceedings.

At the same time, the objectives of emergency response and remedial actions are:

  • minimizing financial consequences,
  • minimizing consequences in the area of brand image,
  • minimizing consequences in the HR area,
  • reducing or eliminating the tax consequences,
  • the choice of legal solutions,

Remedial actions

The primary goal of remedial actions is restoring the proper functioning of the company while supporting through information activities using the benefits of the efficient use of PR.

At the same time, the early identification and prevention of negative tax, legal and brand image consequences for the company is extremely important for all entrepreneurs.


When implementing emergency response and remedial actions we use, inter alia:

  • know-how of Klinika Reputacji www.KlinikaReputacji.pl
  • cooperation with our trusted lawyers, tax advisors,
  • original solutions developed by the BSA to conduct investigative and remedial actions,
  • psychological care and psychological training dedicated to the needs of customer (eg. in the HR area)
  • PR agencies.

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