Investigations and Economic Audits

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Economic investigations

We conduct discrete, comprehensive investigations on the principles of the law.

Our actions are aimed at:

  • finding persons committing a crime to the detriment of the company,
  • finding crime causative mechanisms,
  • collecting evidence for the police, prosecutor’s office and court of law (photographs, video and sound clips, and others)
  • securing crime evidence collected as a result of criminal proceedings (criminal expertise)
  • preparation of a notice of offense
  • shortening the time of proceedings carried out by law enforcement bodie
  • protecting wrongly accused persons,
  • initiating procedure of compensation for crime (activities),
  • supervision of activities carried out by law enforcement bodies,
  • recovery of possession,
  • presenting evidence in a civil lawsuit,
  • comprehensive legal service,
  • help in crisis situations (security procedures, recovery plans).

We perform a preliminary analysis and assessment of the situation, and then we develop a plan of investigation, which we realize.

The results of our investigative activities are collected in the form of report which may constitute evidence in future legal proceedings, criminal or civil.

Licensed detectives and experts carrying out the investigation activities are  witnesses in the case at the request of law enforcement or at the request of parties application

Economic audits

Economic audit is a service somewhat similar to the Safety Audit service, however it covers a different range of interests of the BSA experts.

First of all, knowing the methods and forms of committing economic crimes, both by persons who are not personally linked to the company’s Customer, as well as by employees of the audited company, we examine:

  • proper implementation of procedures in force when cooperating with an external partner;
  • proper performance of internal procedures, such as acceptance and selection of suppliers;
  • departments particularly vulnerable to attacks by criminals, such as purchasing and marketing departments, warehouses, transport, supply organization department, etc.
  • compliance of the statements made by employees with the facts, e.g. L4 sick leave;
  • compliance with the prohibition of competition applicable to former employees of the Customer;
  • risks of infringement of know-how and disclosure of company’s secrets;
  • processes that may cause or indicate mismanagement;
  • processes of flow and security of information, including electronic information;
  • processing of personal data and IT security of the enterprise;
  • analysis of critical areas for enterprise operations, including the assessment of threats that may result from disruption within critical infrastructure areas.

A report of the Audit is analysed together with the Customer.

If the Client finds the audit unfavourable for him, we offer the Customer to use the service of Security Audit and Security Policy


If your company falls victim to an economic offence, the BSA can guarantee professional actions aimed at reducing losses,  finding causative mechanisms and offenders, retrieving goods and compensating losses.


Our goal is also to help prepare evidence to institute criminal proceedings against offenders, as well as to collect documents for civil proceedings.

In the event of Customer’s enterprise falls victim of a crime, and enforcement agencies underestimate the incident and discontinue preparatory proceedings – experts and detectives of the BSA will analyse the collected evidence and will gain new evidence to undertake and continue all the proceedings.

The BSA operates on the basis of necessary permits including entry in the Regulated Activity Register and detective licences.

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