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Strategic Business Intelligence at the Kozminski University.

Mr. Michał Rapacki became one of the lecturers at the Kozminski University in Warsaw in the field of: strategic economic intelligence. The aim of the study is to prepare students for work in the field of business intelligence, present global practices and conduct exercises and simulations in order to prepare for independent implementation of intelligence projects.

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Economic espionage

The demand for detection services of listening devices is increasing. Currently, there are technologies that allow you to detect not only an active device (they transmit the signal constantly), but also a passive device, e.g. a voice recorder.

Private police - detective market in Poland

In 2001, a law was passed which specified the conditions for performing activities in the field of detective services. You must have a license issued by the voivodship commander.

An oddly long investigation

In this investigation there are many questions that law enforcement authorities do not even try to answer – comments detective Michał Rapacki hired by Gabryel. – It seems to me that the adopted version about the fire being started by Tadeusz Gabryel suits them very well.

Michał Rapacki as an expert of the day on TVP2

Detective Michał Rapacki as an expert of the day in TVP program “Question for breakfast”.

The best detectives in Poland

Piotr Pytlakowski (“Polityka”), who many times describes the world of Polish detectives, claims that this is a conflicted environment because of tight competitive battle. The market is shallow, to survive you must weaken your competitor.

Michał Rapacki as an expert of the day on TVP2

There are 15-20 important detectives on the market in Poland – says Michał Rapacki, a detective. The rate for the services of detectives is about PLN 1,500 net per day of work on issues related to observation.

The detective market in Poland

There are 259 private detectives registered in Poland. Every year about 50 licensed detectives appear on the market. In 2004-2007, only 22 entrepreneurs dealing with this specialization were removed from the register.

Detectives change the profile of activity

Although tracking unfaithful husbands and wives is still the main source of livelihood for detectives, they are increasingly getting business orders. They track suspicious employees and help fight unfair competition.

What does the work of a private detective look like?

They are tapping in the room, telephone and car. – These TV series are one big fake, which is not reflected in reality – tells us Michał Rapacki, one of the best-known private detectives.

Detective edition

Today’s need to collect information in the cognitive field of a business entity is not limited to obtaining information from obvious sources, such as KRS files or the Internet.

The employee is the weakest factor

In business trading, stealing information has always existed, and this phenomenon is increasing as competition grows. Along with the development of civilization, the trade war has moved to IT networks, where large corporate enterprises are guarded by IT teams employed in IT departments.

Expert: We notice an increase in unfair competition in the food industry

In Poland, officers of the services responsible for the economic security of the state are well aware of the unfair surveillance activity that occurs in business transactions. Most often, abuse occurs between competitors in the same or similar industry. We see an increase in unfair competition in the food industry – said Michał Rapacki from the Business Security Agency (BSA) to portalspoż

The detective can look deeper

Business: business intelligence agencies usually offer gathering information that you can get yourself. The detective will track more. If we want to find out something about a potential contractor, it’s not enough to review his financial data. The reality may look completely different than the balance sheet shows.

Debt in the hands of Sherlock Holmes, or detective economic intelligence

Nowadays, companies can use many sources of information, ranging from official data, through data from business intelligence services gathering official information from several sources into one data set, to the services of detective business intelligence.

Espionage in Polish. Staff and bugs

In Poland, in the last six months we have noted an increase in the number of cases related to industrial espionage by 80%. says Mirosław Klepaczewski, vice president of Business Security Agency (BSA), a detective bureau offering business security service.

The employee will snake everything

There is no industry that is free from the risk of employee abuse. The phenomenon concerns areas as different as food, cosmetics, chemical, office, publishing, tobacco, alcohol or forwarding says vice President of Business Security Agency Mirosław Klepaczewski. His company is a business intelligence agency developing, among others security procedures for companies.

Profession: detective

We collect material like police officers and prosecutors; our lawyers analyse it in legal terms and such documents are sent to the police. At this point, a policeman, prosecutor, judge understand what they are dealing with – he says. They know what to ask. What he does, Klepaczewski calls the detective business intelligence. The company also checks possible contractors.

When the detective takes matters into his own hands

The economic crisis significantly affects the emergence of unhealthy competition. To stay on the market, entrepreneurs use measures that are not always ethical and fair. In the past, material resources were decisive for the existence of a company, now it is a knowledge.

How do industrial spies work?

How did the Chinese offer the same machines as ours in the tender, and cheaper by a third? The heads of one of the Polish companies, the world leader in the production of mining machinery, were surprised. A PLN 300 million tender just slipped out of their hands.

Safe business with the detective

Detective business intelligence is still a relatively new tool in the work of business intelligence in Poland. Although, it is common to use the services of business detectives overseas, in Poland it is a fledgling business.

Crisis favours crime

The crisis is conducive to the use of unfair practices and fraud – the Business Security Agency (BSA) concludes. From March to September, the company examined several hundred entrepreneurs.

Most important – hazard identification

The package seminar for BCC members “The role of the board and economic crimes” included legal issues, as well as a practical approach to the problems that every entrepreneur, board or decision-maker should take into account when conducting business ventures safely.

Scam hunter

Many of us associate crime with powerful gentlemen with big necks and a grim look. Gentlemen, whose guns stick out from behind the belt and are ready to murder, kidnap for a ransom, threaten to plant a bomb if we do not pay our savings to their collectors.

The entrepreneur is worse off than the criminal

Economic affairs are black magic for the police. Try to report a hostile takeover of the company at the command, they will ask how the burglary was carried out? – Michał Rapacki says.

Effective defense against business losses

The decrease in financial expenditure transferred for collateral and verification, with an increased desire to attract new partners and clients during the crisis, has led to an increase in fraud. The problem is deepened by the lack of awareness of relatively high losses in relation to investments in tools preventing the depletion of company assets.

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