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Undefined, suddenly occurring emergencies for which we do not have any procedures, we are not or were not prepared – usually cause legitimate concerns about the chances of continuing the work of the company.

The primary objective of ensuring proper safety and protection in the organization is to maintain the ability to respond and restore operations in the event of threats, including above all the protection of human life and health as well as assets from illegal actions.

It is also a solution for protecting organizations against the effects of natural disasters, natural catastrophes, technical failures or legal  or political events in the environment of the organization.

As a result, this translates into the economic viability of the organization in sorrounding environment.

The BSA provides a service in the scope of organizing and implementing complementary business continuity management system in the organization including:


BCM – Business Continuity Management is a set of procedures, instructions, according to which the organization manages actions in its activity, and their goal is to provide customers, suppliers, regulators with the availability of critical business processes in case of emergency.

Business continuity management is not a process to be executed only during a sudden event causing disturbance of the proper activity of the company, but refers to our daily activities. Its aim is to reduce the risk of incidents and emergency situations, and maintaining readiness for an immediate response, if any existed.

These issues are closely related to the identification of internal threats, including process treats, and external influences on the organization defining the risk. The process used to analyze and evaluate the risks that may arise must be managed and controlled in order to establish guidelines related to securing organizations against the effects of crisis situations, and most of all scenarios and  guidelines in emergency situations should be established for the continuity of the organization.

Such action is meaningful only in the context of established threats and the real risk analysis carried out  in a proper manner.

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