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We are dealing with a brand protection of our Customers, fight against crime concerning counterfeited goods, fake trademarks, imitation, plagiarism etc.

We are aware that:

With the development of market economy in Poland, significance of trademarks as an important element of industrial property noticeably increased.

The mark (commonly called a “brand name”) serves as advertising and is a property of  intellectual nature, often of considerable value of assets. Trademark is mostly a name and logo of the company, which are a hallmark of the company’s image.

In recent years it has also grown a crime related to:

Placing on the market goods or services using someone else's registered trademark without any rights;

Removal or forgery of goods marking,

Counterfeiting of goods,

Imitation that violates a brand.

Thus, users of the registered trademark are actively looking for a protection of their rights not only in civil proceedings, but also in a criminal trial.

The BSA meets their needs and proposes specialized services for the protection of “brand”, such as:

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